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  • [Why Air Pump]? Emergency tool to avoid car breaks down in the middle of the road
  • [LED Screen Display] Can check the initial reading current pressure of the tyre.
  • [Powerful enough] Inflates a mid-size tyre within 5 minutes and it can pump up to 5 tyres in a single charge
  • [Greater compability] Access all tyres with 3.2m long cigarette port cable
  • [All-in-one inflator] It can be used for bike, mountain bike, motorcycle tires, also superb for sports and camping equipments.
  • [Smart recognition] Display showing the tire pressure and just pre-set the desired PSI it would automatically cut-off when reached.
  • [Low noise design] Inflates your tyre with safe and silent
  • [Small & Portable] It is light and small compare with a water bottle